I’ve recently been having a reoccurring dream about my time in London this summer.

Before I explain too thoroughly, you should know that my hair is hopelessly straight. The only volume and body it has is directly from product. And let me tell you, I wish I had curly hair almost more than anything.

OK, so back to the dream. It’s really a rather simple dream. In it, I’m in London and I’m usually just walking around or going out for the night in some cute outfit or another. BUT! The catch is, my hair is always fabulously naturally curly!! After I see my hair curly, it always flashes to me on the phone with Boyfriend or my family and I’m telling them that God has given me a sign (my curly hair) and He is telling me that I belong in London.

Isn’t that random? Apparently my unconscious really values and desires to have curly hair. Who knew?!