Please ignore my chipping nail polish. I would say it doesn’t normally look like that, but that would be a lie.

Note the ominous looking clouds…that’s been the weather all day. Boone’s a sneaky place let me tell you, blue skies one half of campus and thunderstorms on the other. You just never know.

And just because I have to share this conversation with someone, here are some quotes form the conversation going on behind me in the student union…

Did you hear that that “Friday” song is about the Kennedy assassination? That’s what she means when she says “It’s going down on Friday.” 

Girl 1: So I was told that I’m a bad kisser. My friend told Tommy and tried to talk me into kissing him. But ew! Really? Tommy? Not happening. So I kissed someone else instead. 

Girl 2: So did they say you were bad?

Girl 1: Yeah

Girl 1: Do you think girls who don’t shave are dirty? I feel like people do.

Girl 2: I think it’s our society. I mean don’t girls not shave in like France or something? We should make guys shave. It’s not fair only girls have to.

And it just goes on and on. I should sit in here more often!