So it’s finally getting to be the end of the semester (insert confetti and shouts of joy here) but I’ve still got another four days and then exams. Time to begin the search for a little bit of reserve motivation! In the meantime I’ve been having fun procrastinating and finding things!

1. I figured out how to make my hair wavy! YAY! This is probably my most successful attempt yet.

2. If you have longer hair than me, I also found this really cute and easy hairstyle. I tried it, but my hair isn’t long enough.

3. I thought this was an interesting quote. A new way to look at how you spend your days huh?

4. and I found these really cool book shelves! I seriously want a wonderful library in my house when I grow up. Beautiful and “Belle-like”

4. And lastly, well Audrey is just fabulous. Her philosophies are always wonderful.

Enjoy your weeks lovelies! Let me know if you can find any spare motivation I could borrow…