Well hello there ladies and gents. I hope your Mondays were mainly stress free and not too exhausting and I hope your weekends were relaxing. My weekend was full of dance practice, good times with best friend and the boyfriend, delicious dinners, and a new church. It was perfect really, I wouldn’t change a thing. But Monday just had it in for me. I’m entirely exhausted and all I did was relax this weekend. I’m blaming the cold snowy/rainy day (yes, it snowed here this morning, and it’s not as shocking as you would think).

Anyway, the main purpose of my rambling prelude is to share the partial bucket list I have created. They’re pretty fun things if I do say so myself.

numero uno is to live in a fabulous city where I can dress fashionably and bike across town for coffee. Maybe Chicago or DC, or even Charlotte. At the moment, moving somewhere like this is in the plan for after graduation, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed.

My second bucket list item is learning how to surf, which boyfriend is not thrilled about because he says I’ll kill myself or something. I mean come on, I’m not that accident prone. Right? And look how cool that surfer girl looks, I wanna look cool!

The third and potentially most likely to happen after the moving to a city one is going on a hot air balloon ride. I love the idea of flying and I think being in a hot air balloon would be beautiful and so exciting. So that’s like a year marriage anniversary thing right? Ok good.

Quatrième (that means fourth for all of you that don’t live with two French minors) is learning how to fly a plane. Just a little plane, not a huge one. Boyfriend says I’ll kill myself doing this as well, but I think I’d be ok. I mean they teach you and stuff before you go up by yourself and I would have one of those headsets so I could ask questions if I blanked out. And now I’ve re-convinced myself that that is an excellent bucket list item!

The last and newest item on my bucket list is to play with an elephant! I know, it sounds really random. But I love elephants, they’re my favorite animal. And I just finished reading Water for Elephants, which I highly recommend, so I’ve re-fallen in love with them. They’re just so smart and so cute and I wish I could have one. But I can’t, so I’ll settle for playing with one.

See? Aren’t they so wonderful? Anyway, those are my top things for now!

OH! and the Boyfriend made a blog! It’s a pretty wonderful idea for a blog if I do say so myself. Check it out! Go on