-numero uno most awesome thing is my beautiful best friend Alexis got engaged this week!! So stinkin happy for her!

-the spontaneous afternoon date boyfriend and I had this afternoon. We flew kites and rode to Mast General Store with the top down on the Jeep. It was marvelous and so incredibly what I needed.

-the lovely Alexis’ gorgeous ring! Her fiance did a fabulous job.

-the new trouser jeans from Banana I got over the weekend (on sale of course) that I sadly do not have a picture of.

-being super exhausted Wednesday morning and dreading dance class, but then the teacher deciding to just stretch for a bit AND let us out early! Sometimes I just love college.


-sitting in my bedroom window in the dark watching for my newly engaged friends. Just a teensy bit creepy.

-that picture of me up there from today’s spontaneous date. I look flat as a twelve year old.

-my pathetic nose-diving kite. It had it in for me.

-Those bandanas boyfriend and I are rockin’. We could flash back to the nineties or rob a bank, so many options.

-binoculars. ’nuff said.

-gesturing much too wildly and sending my cup full of water flying onto the floor. That’s what I get for being exuberant.

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