Well Sunday was me and the boyfriend’s two year anniversary. It feels like we’ve been dating for so much longer (essentially we kind of have, but I was a very confused individual so it was on/off for a bit). He got me this,

isn’t it lovely? I’m very much a fan. And just to clarify because I know if I don’t it’ll bite me in the butt, it’s not an engagement ring. And he put it on this incredibly sweet note too, I swooned a bit. Then we went to dinner and ended up talking for hours (first I asked what his favorite memory of us was, but that quickly turned into would-you-rather. We’re still twelve year olds).

We met through church over the summer before junior year and he says he’s been in love with me ever since. As for me, well as I said, I was confused so it took me a little longer, but we’re on the same page now. Hence, the two years huh? Anyway, you are about to be privy to a picture I seriously wish would disappear, but it’s cute of me and boyfriend when we met.

We have both grown up and matured a lot since that picture (thank God, because I look about twelve).

See? We’re pretty cute now. Much better than sophomore year in high school (in my opinion).

Anyway, he’s wonderful and I just thought I would share.