I honestly can not wrap my mind around the destruction that can occur in just minutes. My heart goes out to both Japan and Haiti today. Even though Haiti’s tsunami and quakes happened a few years ago, the utter lack of hope there is heartbreaking. Two of my wonderful friends just got back from Haiti and to hear about the Haitians lack of hope regarding any change in their situations is heart wrenching. I can’t imagine having no hope. They don’t have dreams of better lives because it’s all they’ve known. The people there are so far beyond desperate. I can’t seem to conceptualize living like that. Amid the rubble with no hope of change.

And yet, the pictures of those joy filled faces. On children and adults alike. As long as children can still find joy and let out giggles that will melt your heart…well then there’s still hope.

More recently, the tsunami and earthquakes in Japan have wreaked havoc. Entire villages are just…gone. Here are some before and after pictures from the NY Times:

http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2011/03/13/world/asia/satellite-photos-japan-before-and-after-tsunami.html?hp?src=ISMR_AP_LO_MST_FB (you can move the bar in the middle of each picture to see more)

So today my heart goes out to both of these nations, both are suffering and both have lost. Lets not get too caught up in our own busy lives to feel compassion.