-The above picture. I believe I need to enact a no camera rule after about 10 pm.

-The halfhearted “wolf-whistle” I received in WalMart. Really? If you can’t whistle very well then just don’t try.

-The hip-hop/funk class I mistakenly took yesterday morning. For some reason there seem to be more and more circumstances that involve me and hip-hop. I’m just not that coordinated…

-Not understanding the girth of my backpack and thus turning around too fast and too close to another person. It sorta makes people mad when you body check them with your backpack…oops

-Butts in movies. Always, consistently awkward.


-Getting to see my 4 year-old sister(Sarah) and 6 month-old brother(Luke). They’re absolutely beautiful and wonderful.

-Playing “princess and bad witch” with Sarah. Guess which one I got to be. ha!

-Watching a movie for three class times in a row! Best thing ever!

-Only beat by my poetry class getting cancelled Tuesday. It’s wonderful to actually have time to eat lunch.

-I’m going to Blacksburg this weekend with boyfriend and his family. It’ll be marvelous to go somewhere that isn’t here or the g-boro.

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