-Walking out the door and seeing the bus drive away. Awesome (read: sucks)

-Having to stand up on the bus to class with a bus driver that’s in love with his brake pedal. Oh, hello person I have never seen before, would you mind pushing me back upright since I’m falling into your lap? K thanks

-It’s basically awkward every time I get caught talking to myself. It’s a habit I just can’t break.

-Considering wearing shorts, or a skirt without tights, then realizing that my legs just aren’t ready to be back out in the real world yet.


-The weather this week! It has seriously been the most beautiful week since about October. Everyone on campus is happier and the class skipping average skyrockets.

-Having a fabulous boyfriend who takes you on photoshoots and takes amazing pictures.

-Building a fort for Valentines day! I love childhood flashbacks.

P.S. I have no picture to post. I hate when facebook changes things.