This week has been incredibly long. It was just full of too many things in not enough time.  So here are some awkward…and awesome things that I came across.


-booking it across campus in less than ten minutes with people staring at me the entire way. Yeah, so what I’m speed walking and panting, don’t judge me.

-being on hold for 5 straight minutes, then stopping to talk to someone only to here someone yelling “hello??” through the phone. Thumbs up for great timing.

-trying to get the mixing tool off of the Kitchen Aid. Me: “It’s stuck. How am I supposed to do this. Well crap that’s not working. LEX! Help! Oh, no wait, I got it.Of course I knew that the springy part meant I should push up. uh huh.”

-trying to move my body like a hip hop dancer. If you don’t know me, let me tell you I’m pretty white. I’ve got some skills, but they only go so far.


-Boyfriend promising that the cookies I made were wonderful and his favorite…even though they were a weird texture and didn’t taste quite right.

-My life becoming like Step Up. The girl choreographing the dance I’m in got three hip hop dancer guys to help us and dance with us.

-celebrating boyfriend’s birthday with the BEST gift I’ve ever given anyone. He loved it!

-going home this weekend to warm weather and family!

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