Joy. It’s something we all strive for whether we know it or not. We want to be happy and feel full of joy. To the brim, overflowing so it’s infectious. We have to choose joy. For those few people, they have a natural tendency to to be joyful and see the positive side. But the majority of people fall into a cynical, negative view on life. On the things that don’t turn out the way we plan. It can become cyclical and second nature. But that’s just the thing, it’s second nature. Not something we were born doing or thinking or feeling. As a child, joy came readily. The giggles exploding and filling the room. That’s joy. And you’ve got to choose it.

When your eyes drag open in the morning, that’s when the day starts. That’s when you can decide to choose joy. If it’s going to rain, choose to enjoy getting wet. If you fail a test you thought you nailed, choose to see it as a lowest point. It can only get better from there. If you live on a mountain and it’s freakin cold, choose to enjoy the bundled up layers keeping you warm(er) and see it as a chance to cozy up with a warm coffee. Now you have a perfect reason to spend those few extra dollars.

Because the fact is, most of us are incredibly blessed. We’ve got friends and family who love us, warm clothes, food, somewhere nice to go home to. It’s all in your head, this joy thing. So make the decision and find the good in situations.