A hand brushes through her hair, trying hard to be gentle. It pulled just a bit in that way she was used to. He couldn’t help it, and she knew he was only being sweet. With a murmur, she snuggled deeper under the covers. Not wanting to evacuate their enveloping warmth.

“Come on baby, it’s snowing,” he whispered in her ear. His breath tickled her ear and she smiled at the joy and excitement he was trying to suppress.

“It’ll still be snowing in an hour,” she whispered back groggily. He chuckled, but continued to poke and prod her gently until she rolled out of bed. She knew her hair was a mess, but they had reached a place where it barely even crossed her mind. She didn’t have to look perfect all the time. Now it was about being real. Regardless, she smoothed and finger-combed her hair into a semblance of order and shuffled over to where he was standing at the window.

The world had been wrapped up overnight. Everything was covered in shimmering, glistening white. Like the world had been dressed for its wedding day. Every branch and leaf sparkling with diamonds for the beautiful bride. It was silent outside. Like everything was holding its breath.

A quiet “oh” escaped her lips as her still somewhat sleepy eyes took it all in. Smiling, he wrapped his arms around her waist and teasingly murmured, “Aren’t you glad I woke you up?” She giggled and tenderly touched his face, soft with it’s night’s worth of fuzz. “Come on, lets go outside.” He pulled her away from the window and produced snow boots and coats from the closet.

Laughing, she pulled on what he handed her, offering back gloves and hats. It didn’t matter to him that they both had on their flannel, not so cute, pajamas and that she hadn’t showered or put on any make-up. He loved her the way she was, and he wanted to play in the snow. Dragging her downstairs, he flung open the back door and ran out into the yard. She smiled and watched him from the doorway, loving the childishness of his excitement.

She loved him like this. Always offering up unexpected moments and making the simplest things special. And in that moment, she knew. This is what life is all about. Basking in these surprises and letting the unexpected occasionally shape your day. This morning would become one she would never forget. Even among the hundreds of wonderful memories they would create over the years, this one would always stand out. The world wiped clean by a new fallen snow. Pure and unmarred. Like a gift. Made just for her.