What is love? And no, I don’t mean the song (baby don’t hurt me…no more). Love is putting your own problems or worries aside when the one you love needs you. It’s simply wanting a hug more than anything because you know that person is the only one who can hold you together. Love is hearing your girlfriend break down crying over the phone for no apparent reason and being there for her. To hold her together and take her home (and not think she’s too terribly crazy). It’s knowing just what to say to make her cry and stop bottling it up. But saying what she needs to hear to stop sniffling and move past it. Love is giving a foot massage without being asked. It’s holding someone so close that they know nothing could ever hurt them. That they’re perfectly safe in your arms. Love is give, and take. But mostly give.

It’s easy to forget or take for granted love as a whole. The love of family, friends, and boyfriends (or girlfriends). It’s especially easy to take for granted the love of our Savior. Because oh how He loves us. It’s unquenchable, unjustifiable. Unlike anything we can even completely comprehend. It fills us up and knocks us down. It’s unreciprocataoble, we could never love God as much as he loves us. The only way we can get close is through his Spirit. Tonight at Crusade, we sang one of my favorite songs. It has one of the most amazing, real, and heart-wrenching descriptions of God’s love. These are a few of the lines that really speak to me about Love:

“Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree, bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy. When all of a sudden i am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by Glory”

“So Heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss, and my heart  turns violently inside of my chest. And I don’t have time  to maintain these regrets when I think about, the way that He loves us.”

God’s love eclipses all of our worries, our strife, our stresses. When we think about the love that was big enough to die for all of us. Past, present, and future. How can we possibly take that for granted?