There’s just something incredibly joy inducing about driving on a summer night. Straight into a sunset. The wind grasping at strands of my hair. The summer air a little less stifling (unless you stop driving). I’m not sure what it is, but it made me truly happy tonight. The coral reds and tangerine oranges, it just made me feel like everything was at peace. For one of the few times this summer, I was happy. Content. Joyous. All the things I’ve been praying for all summer filled me tonight while driving down Bryan. Perhaps it was from the pride I felt because I had successfully navigated myself out of UNCG. Maybe it was the sunset and the sheer majesty of it. Or it may have just been the feeling of freedom that driving by myself, with the windows down and the music turned up, brings me (even though I’ve been driving for 3 years, I still feel that initial sense of freedom sometimes). I had forgotten about this magical part of summer. When the sun has finally begun to dip its head, and the trees are a black outline against a vibrant sky. My little Honda carrying me forward into those bands of color, into the deep blues and purples of twilight.

Perhaps tonight was a gift. A little love letter from my Abba. Reminding me that he has this summer under control and that he’ll provide my joy. That it’s almost over and I should enjoy what is left of it. Afterall, in a few months I’ll be craving warmth like this. Well maybe not the 98 degree days, but the sunshine at least. So until then, until I pack up my life into boxes and carry it back up the mountain, I’ll try to enjoy nights like tonight. Nights spent with family eating ice cream with a grandmother who doesn’t remember the last time she had an ice cream cone. Nights of freedom and bright colored sunsets.