Today reminds me of Boone. I used to sit in my room (if I was lucky and it was Saturday) and waste away the day. As I sit here and write this, I want to say I loved those days. That they were relaxing and fun, however I feel like I tended to hate them. Because you see, as much as I adore dear old boonetown, there is nothing to do if it’s raining.

But today, I am thinking of the places I would like to go right now. Places I wish I could be. How my life would be different if I had been born in say…Paris. Or an adorable town in England (actually if I had been born there, the weather would probably be much like today’s), so lets go back to Paris. Or a smaller town outside of Paris perhaps. No, for today lets stay in Paris.

First things first, if I lived in Paris I would have absolutely amazing, chic clothes. Like a gorgeous poppy red trench coat that I would wear with an adorable cream t-shirt with perhaps a bit of lace on it and dark wash stove pipe jeans with fabulous some-what chunky heels. And I would of course be seen wearing this fantastic outfit in the cutest of coffee shops. Where the most interesting people would stop to chat with me, where my friends would come and invite me to go to a new club with them that night. Or perhaps I would just sit quietly by myself, drinking delicious coffee and reading a wonderful book. Occasionally taking out a beautiful worn leather journal and writing down my thoughts or something about a particularly interesting person that had walked by (later I would use this journal for ideas for the novel I would be writing).After a bit, I would pack up my things and walk the streets. I would know the city like the back of my hand after all. Browsing the wonderful shops and picking up a few new items from some of the more chic clothing stores (the one’s that aren’t as well known of course, not tourist traps). I would stumble upon a beautiful little flower shop and create a cute bouquet of wild flowers for my little apartment.  “Puis-je vous aider madame?” The shop owner would ask. “Oui, j’aimerais des pâquerettes, des chrysanthèmes et roses choux s’il vous plaît” I would answer with a smile (because I would speak flawless french of course), “Merci beaucoup.”

Well, the rain seems to be stopping. The sun is out a wee bit more, see I knew daydreaming made the day brighter. And yes, I did use a translator for the french part of this post…well for some of it. I remember more french from elementary school than I thought. Maybe one day I will go to Paris and have that wonderful outfit and drink delicious coffee…one never does know what the future holds.