As the clock strikes 11:11, as a shooting star flies across the sky, as I blow away a fallen eyelash, a dandelion puff….I wish a wish…

  • he was still here
  • he never had to leave ever
  • it was acceptable to stay in bed all day
  • life was easier
  • I finished more of the things I start writing
  • I knew what was in my future
  • I could dance better, much better
  • I had some amazing skill
  • I could think of witty things to say
  • Life was like Gilmore Girls
  • I could have my own stylist
  • everything wasn’t so expensive
  • I could eat delicious things and not gain a pound
  • I looked like an old movie star, with stunning legs and a 16 inch waist
  • I could take back all my mistakes
  • I knew what I was put on this earth to do

Yes dear Laura, I did steal this idea from you, but I was deathly bored and it felt good to write all these wishes out. Even if they are no where near realistic