They say I’m crazy. That I’m too needy or too attached. But ya know, I’m not the only one. Where do you think the premise for those “chick-flicks” and romantic books came from? It had to come from someone’s experience. It has to be based on a love that someone felt. Right?

I recently read the Pioneer Woman’s love story on her blog. About how she met her husband and how incredibly smitten with him she was from the very beginning. Well guess what, I know the feeling. She writes about craving his arms as soon as she leaves them and how he takes her breath away. How she thinks about him constantly and always wants to be near him or with him. About how he holds her in his lap on the porch, whispering I love you without a second thought. Somehow I’ve ended up with a love like this. A love that seems straight out of a country song or a book meant to make you swoon. Somewhere along the way, I fell completely and utterly in love with this Boy of mine(even though I really can’t call him a boy anymore). I let go and left all those games behind. The he-said-that-so-I-have-to-play-the-aloof-girl-who-he-now-has-to-chase games that always end up leaving you with something missing. Games are better left to children in the pool, not in a relationship. Just sayin. Sometimes, you have to stop thinking about what the world says your relationship should be like and what everyone thinks you should be doing or not doing, and just let it be. I know that sounds like a very peace-love-happiness thing to say, but it’s true. Everyone’s relationship is different, but they all should have the somewhat magical I-never-want-to-be-without-you feeling. He should make you swoon a bit when his arms are around you and he should make you want to be yourself. The “yourself” you were created to be, not the one the world says you are.

So there is my relationship advice for the day. Go ahead and roll your eyes, sigh, make that little throwing up gesture with your finger down your throat. I really don’t care. You don’t have to believe me by any means, but the above things are what I have found to be true. Love is real, I promise, it just manifests itself in different ways, people, and places.