It’s my favorite part of summer. After a stifling hot day, filled with hours by the pool and tall sweating glasses of cool drinks in a rainbow of colors, you look up to see those clouds rolling in. Turning around as if by chance, and there they are. A stark line of grey-black against an otherwise cloudless blue sky. As those dark clouds swoop in, the first gust of wind grasps at your hair. The leaves making a noise like applause, seemingly welcoming in the storm to come. The temperature begins to drop and the air feels fresher as it passes through your lungs. As the first drops hit your arms, you marvel at how cold those drops are. How they could possibly stay so chilling on a day as hot as today. Lightening rips through the clouds and thunder sends out a deafening beat. Every drop that hits the earth and every flash across the sky, eases the oppressing heat of the day.

It’s interesting, thunder storms are the only storms that we welcome in. Trials and storms in our lives always lead to something better. At least that’s what I’m finding. Just like summer storms break the oppressing, stifling heat of the day, trials can ease the stress of life. Although they often are frightening and can seem like they’re ruining your plans for the day, at the end of it all, after the storm clouds have passed on leaving a cool calm dusk, everything feels better. And life has a new feeling to it.