Every painter, every artist has their masterpiece for which they are noticed. These are the pieces that they’re known for, the ones that are worth millions. The ones everyone wants in their homes and wants to see in their lifetime.

There is no doubt that these mountains, this view, is a masterpiece. One of God’s masterpieces. It radiates beauty and majesty. Standing and looking out on all of this…it took my breath away. And yet, this is not His greatest. This comes no where close.

The Boy told me to watch a video tonight. 

You see, we are God’s masterpieces and he loves us more than anything. The road to being of strong faith is hard and painful. We all hold parts of the world in us and shedding those things that weigh us down hurts. Everything cries out, “No! Don’t take that!” And then as He chisels deeper, “No, you don’t want to know what is under here.” But He does know. He knows and hurts for us. I think one of my favorite lines in this skit is the one about how many times the guy has let God down. But we don’t hold up God, in a relationship with Him, only He can hold us up. So stop striving (I’m trying to). And stop trying to live life by the world’s rules (I do this too much). And lay it all down. He loves you. You are the one that He chose. He chose me , and you too.