Last night a little after midnight I realized a dream of mine. I know usually nothing good happens after midnight, but this was a dream I’ve had for at least three years. It’s silly and almost seems hopeless. It’s just a little hope, a little something hiding in my head. I bask in the movement and the performance when I get a taste of it. A little taste of this dream that keeps me going for a while and keeps me glowing. I love the lines and the stretch as I push my leg a little higher, pirouette a little faster. The rush as I step out on a stage and perform. Not necessarily for the attention, although everyone loves compliments, but more for the joy I feel. The high I experience, the adrenaline and causes me to shiver like a leaf before and after and that draws me to do it again and again. I suppose I have to tell you what this dream is at some point. But really, I’m embarrassed by it. I’m ashamed of wanting something like this, something so ridiculous. And it’s something thousands dream of. I’m not that good, I am no where near good enough to make it. I’m not going to kid myself and try to convince myself that I am. So maybe I’m a dancer and I categorize myself as one of them. It doesn’t mean I can do it.

But regardless of all of this. Of all the buts, and ifs, and so whats, I’ve made this dream a goal. I’m going to work. I’m going to gain the strength and technique needed to be noticed. I have three years of free instruction at App, then maybe I will try out. (see I still don’t want to tell you my dream changed goal) In 3 years (maybe 4) I will try out for so you think you can dance. There I said it. It’s out there for the world to see and perhaps it will keep me on track. Either way it’s my dream. And I’m making it a goal.

That’s the key, you see. You have to have the nerve to try. Otherwise you’ll have a tendency for regret. You’ve gotta put some effort into your dream and decide whether you want it enough. Enough to put yourself out on a limb and not give up if it gets hard. And chances are, it’s going to get hard. So try. Make an effort and let your dream, especially the most ridiculous ones, become goals. Get up on your tippy toes and reach. Let them slip out and build strength, let them become something real.