I think my pride is hurt, although it may be my feelings. Regardless, they are very stupid things that I could seriously do without. I feel like one’s pride and feelings generally mess up most situations. We let something hurt our feelings and then blame someone for it, or someone says something and it hurts our pride. So of course, we lash out. We hear the angry words running laps through our head that we know will do the damage. Will get back at so-and-so for saying such a thing. I suppose the thing to do in those situations is to keep those running words inside their track and not hurt the person. That would be the good thing to do. The kind thing. But sometimes those words are just too fast and they’re out before you know it. Words are probably the most powerful thing we have. That and free will are our greatest weapons. And with that of course we have to make the choices that mirror our hearts. And say the things that don’t hurt. I’m getting better at this whole keeping the runners in their circle thing. I think it’s because I’ve realized that when you really love someone, you don’t want them to hurt. It’s the last thing you want. Feelings though, they will ruin every good intention. Hurt my feelings and who knows what I’ll say to you. Or if I’ll say anything at all. Feelings are pesky and insistent. I don’t mean emotions, those are different. But feelings. Being sad then happy for no reason. There is no sense behind them. That’s the difference.

I’m not sure what the point of this post is. Maybe to share my trials and tribulations. To say that I know how you feel if you share my pain and if you have mastered this art of keeping your mouth shut and dealing with feelings, well you’re damn lucky.