There are 986,120 words in the English language and 10,00 are being added every year. Ridiculous, made-up words are being added to Webster’s Dictionary, adding to the slew of words that are ready and waiting to be used to tell, show, question, describe. And yet, despite this waiting collection of vowels and sounds, it’s so difficult to find one that explains how you’re feeling in the moment. You just need one word to describe how you feel, one word to create a magnificent comeback, and all you can think of is…nothing. You just wish the person could read your mind or you could send them your emotion. But that is not a possibility. For me, the only time I can find these words is when I’m writing. When my brain can just produce what I want to say without worrying about transporting all those words to my lips.Then there’s the backspace button. A magical key that can take back every word you’ve said. Where is this miracle in speech? What is the magic word that deletes everything you never wanted to say? Oh yeah, there isn’t one. So what do we do? Should those that struggle with finding the right word resort to writing down everything? That just seems impractical. So we try. We push our text focused brains to learn how to impart how we’re feeling in spoken words. We try to focus more on sending those thoughts to our lips to make sounds that just might explain how we’re feeling. Working more on the combinations of vowels and consonants that will soothe away the pain, or light up a loved one’s face. And for those all important situations, we write a letter after the fact.