Over the course of a busy second semester, I had decided to start a blog. I figured it would be easy, I have tons to say. But now that I’m writing, my fingers clicking away, any thought of what to say is gone. At one point in time I had a thought. An opinion. A few words of wisdom. Now however, I have no wisdom or thoughts to share. Why does this always happen at the most inopportune moment? We think up these strong words, phrases that will impart some deep advice, and then when the time comes for them to possibly make a difference, they’re gone. Flitting around my head like a trapped hummingbird. Jewels of inspiration that are impossible to catch. Perhaps this is all a product of a busy world. That was my original inspiration. That thought and a book called Captivating. If you haven’t read it, you should. It explains God’s purpose for women and His special love for us. Mostly though, it talks about beauty. Beauty that was simply created to be beheld and considered beautiful. Sometimes this is the only purpose. Sometimes that’s all anything is meant to be, and we need to see that it’s enough. To find the quiet. To find that raw, dangerous beauty that God put here to remind us of His love.